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  • Hot Sale Aluminum Truss

    Hot Sale Aluminum Truss

    Tube Diameter:38mm/50mm
    Color:Silver or powder coat(black)
    Usage:for truss display

  • Lighting Aluminium Truss

    Lighting Aluminium Truss

    Portable Lighting Aluminium Truss is used on more popular activity stage which is a popular stage at home and abroad.The truss adopts the easy-disassemble type design, the appearance is beautiful, the construction is convenient, adjustable height, the stability is strong.The...

  • 300MM Aluminum Truss

    300MM Aluminum Truss

    Aluminum truss,also named lighting truss,bole truss concert truss which make of aluminum6061 to cut into different size and weld together,and mostly used in many concert and exhibition,celebration event with hanging lights.This truss can be assembled into different systems...

  • Aluminum Spigot Truss

    Aluminum Spigot Truss

    Aluminum Spigot connection Truss has size 450*450mm main tube 50*3mm,brace tube 25*2mm.400*400mm main tube 50*3,brace tube 25x2. 300*300mm aluminum spigot truss,main tube 50*3,brace tube 25x2. description:this is portable spigot truss,mostly used in exhibition ,indoor...

  • Aluminum Triangle Truss

    Aluminum Triangle Truss

    3m Rapid Aluminum Triangle Truss comes in standard lengths of 1m and 2 m with custom lengths available upon request. The cross-section is 290mm diameter x 3mm main tube thickness. The diagonals are 25mm diameter solid rod Triangle truss is connected using standard 16mm...

  • Aluminum Square Spigot Truss

    Aluminum Square Spigot Truss

    Any opinion whether Aluminum Square Spigot Truss would be better/just as good for our truss tubes? The round tube is more efficient in compression and the square tube is more efficient in bending if the wall thickness and mass are the same for both. For compression, the...

  • Aluminum Bolt Truss

    Aluminum Bolt Truss

    Aluminum Bolt truss for sale is made of cross-section,main tube and brace.Bolt Connection Aluminum Truss is essentially a rectangle and triangle system of straight interconnected structural elements. The most common use of Portable Aluminium Bolt Truss in buildings, where...

  • Aluminum Truss

    Aluminum Truss

    russ section specification(L*W): mm= millimeter (1)220mm*220mm main tube:(diameter*thickness):30mm*2mm diagonal tube:(diameter*thickness):20mm*2mm (2) 250mm*250mm,290mm*290 main tube:(diameter*thickness):50mm*2mm beam tube:(diameter*thickness):20mm*2mm diagonal...

  • Lightweight Square Truss

    Lightweight Square Truss

    Trade Show Exhibit Display Booth 10×20 In-Line 10×20 Truss Trade Show Booth Lightweight Square Truss assembles in minutes with the use of a Steel Hammer 9.80ft 2987mm Overall Width 20.00ft 6096mm Overall Length 10.47ft 3191mm Overall Height 11 7/16″ 290mm Overall Truss Width...

  • Aluminum Base Plate

    Aluminum Base Plate

    Base Plate is usually used on aluminum truss system which need base plate to support the whole truss system. Truss Base Plate Aluminum Base Plate 4″ x 4″ for Square Truss. Can be used as a bottom plate or a top plate. Connecting Hardware Included Aluminum Brush Finish Weight...

  • Aluminum Crowd Contral Barrier Fence

    Aluminum Crowd Contral Barrier Fence

    Crowd barriers are used at sports events, political rallies, parades, demonstrations, and outdoor and indoor performances. This model can hold cables for a safe way of laying and protecting cables, hoses and ducts. All profiles have soft, rounded edges for maximum comfort....

  • Truss Sleeve Base Squate Plate Clamp Trigger Accessories Components

    Truss Sleeve Base Squate Plate Clamp Trigger Accessories Components

    Aluminum truss accessories have a great effort on concert and stage performance, there are steel base and aluminum base with diagonal tube to make the truss system more stable, also with the long trigger, we can assemble the truss to a high point safely securely. Controller...

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