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  • Single Width Aluminum Mobile Tower

    Single Width Aluminum Mobile Tower

    material:6061 - t6
    Tube diameter:50.6mm
    Rang:Decoration,high working
    Certificate: EN1004:2004,CE

  • Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding

    Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding

    Aluminum mobile scaffolding high-rise tower is built by combination, composed of the main frame and auxiliary frame, the main frame and auxiliary frame is connected by the main attachment frame.

  • Plywood Board For Aluminum Scaffolding

    Plywood Board For Aluminum Scaffolding

    Plywood board for Aluminum scaffold platform Features Weight: 31 lbs. Width:19” Two boards will compose a wide scaffold platform Length:5ft ~ 10ft Great thickness on both side of the board. Light aluminum and wood anti-skid plywood walking surface No-lap end connectors for...

  • 3M Double Width Aluminum Mobile Tower

    3M Double Width Aluminum Mobile Tower

    Double Width Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Tower Introduction: Aluminum mobile tower can support an average of 272kg for each working platform.The maximum load of each tower is 900kg.Rapid factory can provide all kinds of aluminum alloy tower combinations to meet the operation...

  • 20M High Aluminium Scaffolding

    20M High Aluminium Scaffolding

    20 m high aluminium alloy scaffold introduction: The safety of 20 m high aluminium scaffolding is the first consideration.It is very important to choose a manufacturer with rich practical experience and guaranteed product quality.Because the program is flexible, the factor...

  • Aluminium Foldable Ladder

    Aluminium Foldable Ladder

    Aluminum foldable scaffolding features: 1. Easy to load, unload and build. Apart from a single set for independent use, it can also form a large structure for escalators, stairs, construction sites, etc 2. Aluminum alloy material is lighter and stronger 3. Vertical climbing...

  • Aluminium Fast-loading Mobile Scaffolding

    Aluminium Fast-loading Mobile Scaffolding

    Aluminum alloy quick movable scaffold is a kind of all-around multi-directional aluminum alloy scaffold. It is made of single pole type aluminum pipe with no height restriction. Specifications: Material:6061-T6 Width:1350mm Main Tube:50.8*2mm Thickness:2mm Platform...

  • Combined Aluminum Scaffolding

    Combined Aluminum Scaffolding

    combined aluminum scaffolding Brief: Aluminum alloy scaffolding are flexible and changeable, which can be used to build and operate on different terrain. Composite aluminum alloy scaffolds mainly solve the problem that the working face of the existing standard frame is not...

  • Double Width Aluminium Scaffolding With Ladder Frame

    Double Width Aluminium Scaffolding With Ladder Frame

    Double width aluminum scaffolding with diagonal ladder: Double diagonal ladder type aluminum alloy scaffolding, wide applicable diagonal inclined ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding, up and down the length of the diagonal ladder correspond to the height of each layer framework...

  • Aluminum Scaffold Rolling Tower

    Aluminum Scaffold Rolling Tower

    Basic Info • Model NO.: AT1350 • Application: Construction • Width:750mm,1350mm • length:1500mm,2000mm,2500mm,3000mm • Material: Aluminum Alloy Product Description Aluminum Rolling Tower Aluminum Rolling Tower is the new equipment in Construction field.It’s lightweight,strong...

  • Best Quality Rapid Single Width Towers

    Best Quality Rapid Single Width Towers

    This range is ideal for the rental market and compatible with most similar products. All have heavy wall thickness for added durability and are constructed from lightweight high tensile aluminium. Single width towers have a 3mm wall thickness and every frame is a base frame....

  • Double Width Aluminium Scaffolding Without Ladder

    Double Width Aluminium Scaffolding Without Ladder

    Double width aluminium scaffolding without ladder is directly mounted and lowered on the frame with spacing of 46cm, which is characterized by economy and practicality. The weight of the frame with ladder is reduced when installing, which makes the scaffold easy to build and...

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