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Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Tower Feb 02, 2018

First can be found that aluminum mobile scaffolding Tower does not need to use welding way to fix because it takes a unique connector design which changed the previous traditional metal frame stress transfer way, make the whole structure more stable.At the same time, single - pole design makes the construction work more flexible, easier and safer.

Secondly, since aluminum mobile scaffolding tower is mainly made of light and sturdy aluminum alloy, it is light weight and easy to install, handle and store.In addition to the internal expansion pressure cooling process, the failure of the scaffold joint is much larger than that of 2100Kg of allowable tensile force, which greatly increases the bearing capacity of the aluminum alloy movable scaffold.

 Aluminum mobile scaffolding tower is a building block structure, standard components, no parts, no need any installation tools, can quickly to do simple work platform.It is also equipped with high-strength brake casters, which can be arbitrarily moved and locked, which can be used continuously in many different job sites.

In addition, aluminum mobile scaffolding tower and anti-skid waterproof work platform, any building work height, equipped with adjustable feet and can be suitable for uneven ground work properly;Even its leg height can be adjusted freely to meet different usage requirements.

Aluminum mobile scaffolding tower in addition to the aluminum alloy material, its all components have been through the special anti-oxidation treatment, so not happen bad phenomena such as rust, corrosion, according to customer's special maintenance or operation demand of different terrain environment, special design and manufacturing.