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triangle truss

  • LT Display bolted connection Aluminum Truss System

    LT Display bolted connection Aluminum Truss SystemLadder version of the LT Truss is a very popular solution for light set ups and hanging supports. Specifications This system introduces a new conical connector + bolted connection system into our production range. Specifications

  • Aluminum Square Spigot Truss

    Aluminum Square Spigot TrussAny opinion whether Aluminum Square Spigot Truss would be better/just as good for our truss tubes? The round tube is more efficient in compression and the square tube is more efficient in bending if the wall thickness and mass are the same for both. For compression, the minimum diameter matters...

  • Quality Outdoor Events Aluminum Stage Roof Truss

    Quality Outdoor Events Aluminum Stage Roof TrussOutdoor Events Aluminum Stage Truss with Roof System Specifications of truss: Material : Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 Main tube : 50x3mm Brace tube: 30x2mm Connection: Spigot, also provide screw and bolt types for your choice. Certification: TUV certificate Applications: Concert, Outdoor and indoor...

  • Truss Box Five Ways Corner

    Truss Box Five Ways CornerThe corner is a very important component which mostly used on truss system and stage performance. There are 2-way corner and 3-way/4-way connector which can be used on different truss structures. To make the truss system more secure,we must use different corners according to different...

  • 300MM Aluminum Truss

    300MM Aluminum TrussAluminum truss,also named lighting truss,bole truss concert truss which make of aluminum6061 to cut into different size and weld together,and mostly used in many concert and exhibition,celebration event with hanging lights.This truss can be assembled into different systems according to different...

  • Aluminum Truss

    Aluminum Trussruss section specification(L*W): mm= millimeter (1)220mm*220mm main tube:(diameter*thickness):30mm*2mm diagonal tube:(diameter*thickness):20mm*2mm (2) 250mm*250mm,290mm*290 main tube:(diameter*thickness):50mm*2mm beam tube:(diameter*thickness):20mm*2mm diagonal tube:(diameter*thickness):20mm*2mm...