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Stage truss

  • Best Price Aluminum Truss Stage for Sales

    Best Price Aluminum Truss Stage for SalesProduct Description Best Price Aluminum Truss Stage For Sales Specifications of stage: 1.material:aluminium alloy 2. stage toppin g :can be 18mm plywood, or 16mm organic glass ,toughen glass and so o n. 3.single stage size:1.22 *1.22M.1.22*2.44M (you can put several pieces together or divided )...

  • LT Display bolted connection Aluminum Truss System

    LT Display bolted connection Aluminum Truss SystemLadder version of the LT Truss is a very popular solution for light set ups and hanging supports. Specifications This system introduces a new conical connector + bolted connection system into our production range. Specifications

  • Good quality strongest Aluminum Spigot connection/300MM /Exhibition Truss

    Good quality strongest Aluminum Spigot connection/300MM /Exhibition TrussTRUSS Main Tube: extruded tube Ø50*3mm 6061-T6 Diagonal Tube: extruded tube Ø20*2mm 6061-T6 Connection systems: Spigot SPECIFICATION code section1*section2*length(mm) RA ST30L100 300*300*1000 CORNERS 90° two-way corner 90° three-way corner 90° three-way T corner 90° four-way corner six-way dado...

  • Lighting Aluminium Truss

    Lighting Aluminium TrussPortable Lighting Aluminium Truss is used on more popular activity stage which is a popular stage at home and abroad.The truss adopts the easy-disassemble type design, the appearance is beautiful, the construction is convenient, adjustable height, the stability is strong.The installation and...

  • Aluminum Spigot Truss

    Aluminum Spigot TrussAluminum Spigot connection Truss has size 450*450mm main tube 50*3mm,brace tube 25*2mm.400*400mm main tube 50*3,brace tube 25x2. 300*300mm aluminum spigot truss,main tube 50*3,brace tube 25x2. description:this is portable spigot truss,mostly used in exhibition ,indoor performance and some small...

  • Aluminum Portable Mobile Plywood Platform Wedding Stage

    Aluminum Portable Mobile Plywood Platform Wedding StageAluminum Portable Stage is a support frame suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The frame racks are available in several heights and lengths. The frames connect to the legs with a standard 4-way connection by means of a locking pin. Due to the closed topside, assembly is possible with only one...

  • Heavy Duty Trade Show Truss System For Exhibition And Disply

    Heavy Duty Trade Show Truss System For Exhibition And DisplyWe have the biggest, wide array and large selections of Stage Trussing, Aluminum Trusses and Lighting Truss. You can purchase from us quality branded Global Aluminum Trusses such as Square Truss, Box Truss, Triangular Truss, I-Beam Truss, Circular Truss, Trade Show Display Truss, and all kinds...

  • Lightweight Square Truss

    Lightweight Square TrussTrade Show Exhibit Display Booth 10×20 In-Line 10×20 Truss Trade Show Booth Lightweight Square Truss assembles in minutes with the use of a Steel Hammer 9.80ft 2987mm Overall Width 20.00ft 6096mm Overall Length 10.47ft 3191mm Overall Height 11 7/16″ 290mm Overall Truss Width 2″ 50mm Outer...

  • Aluminum Truss

    Aluminum Trussruss section specification(L*W): mm= millimeter (1)220mm*220mm main tube:(diameter*thickness):30mm*2mm diagonal tube:(diameter*thickness):20mm*2mm (2) 250mm*250mm,290mm*290 main tube:(diameter*thickness):50mm*2mm beam tube:(diameter*thickness):20mm*2mm diagonal tube:(diameter*thickness):20mm*2mm...