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Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

  • Aluminum Spigot Truss

    Aluminum Spigot TrussAluminum Spigot connection Truss has size 450*450mm main tube 50*3mm,brace tube 25*2mm.400*400mm main tube 50*3,brace tube 25x2. 300*300mm aluminum spigot truss,main tube 50*3,brace tube 25x2. description:this is portable spigot truss,mostly used in exhibition ,indoor performance and some small...

  • Aluminum Concert Display Straight Black Outdoor Lighting Truss

    Aluminum Concert Display Straight Black Outdoor Lighting TrussRAPID ALUMINUM CO.,LTD. offers several different truss designs and truss systems for any type of event, conference or show. Some of our most common trusses are our general purpose trusses. The general purpose truss systems that we manufacture range from 100mm by 100mm to 750mm by 750mm. These...

  • Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Tower

    Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding TowerAluminum Mobile Scaffolding Tower is the new development and design of universal type aluminum alloy scaffolding garment, using single pole type aluminum alloy tube, there is no limit to the height, more flexible than portal scaffolding, applicable to any height, any site, any complicated...