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10m Height Aluminum Tower

  • 7'/8/9/ Aluminum Anti-slip Plywood Building Construction Scaffolding Deck/Plank

    7'/8/9/ Aluminum Anti-slip Plywood Building Construction Scaffolding Deck/PlankAluminum Plywood Plank is constructed of all aluminum side rails and plywood on the thread or surface of the plank with two riveted hooks. Walk Plank comes complete with win hatches. The top of the scaffold board is designed for maximum grip. Great to buy any scaffolding job whether it is...

  • Hot selling All Aluminum Plank for Scaffolding/ Walk Board

    Hot selling All Aluminum Plank for Scaffolding/ Walk BoardProduct Detail Basic Info Material: Metal Type: Mobile Structural Style: Doors Scaffolding Framework: Frame Combined Scaffolding Supporting Mode: Floor Type Scaffolding Lapping Form: Special-Shaped Scaffolding Erection Position: External Scaffolding Scaffolding Part Type: Scaffolding Planks...

  • 300MM Aluminum Truss

    300MM Aluminum TrussAluminum truss,also named lighting truss,bole truss concert truss which make of aluminum6061 to cut into different size and weld together,and mostly used in many concert and exhibition,celebration event with hanging lights.This truss can be assembled into different systems according to different...

  • Lightweight Scaffold Tower

    Lightweight Scaffold TowerAluminum hot sale scaffold is a type of supported scaffold set on wheels or casters. They are designed to be easily moved and are commonly used for things like painting and plastering, where workers must frequently change position. Using a mobile scaffold tower gives you ultimate flexibility and...

  • Aluminum Bolt Truss

    Aluminum Bolt TrussAluminum Bolt truss for sale is made of cross-section,main tube and brace.Bolt Connection Aluminum Truss is essentially a rectangle and triangle system of straight interconnected structural elements. The most common use of Portable Aluminium Bolt Truss in buildings, where support to roofs, the...

  • High Durable and Heavy Duty Industrial 150KG Step Dual-Purpose Aluminum Folding Ladder

    High Durable and Heavy Duty Industrial 150KG Step Dual-Purpose Aluminum Folding LadderFeatures: Dual purpose aluminum ladder Positive locking steel hinges Non-Slip feet Grooved non-slip rungs 2 Different positions Maximum stastic loading rating – 150kg

  • Aluminum Triangle Truss

    Aluminum Triangle Truss3m Rapid Aluminum Triangle Truss comes in standard lengths of 1m and 2 m with custom lengths available upon request. The cross-section is 290mm diameter x 3mm main tube thickness. The diagonals are 25mm diameter solid rod Triangle truss is connected using standard 16mm diameter screws. The truss...

  • Aluminum Single Width Scaffolding Tower

    Aluminum Single Width Scaffolding TowerAluminum single width scaffolding tower are suitable for use in limited Spaces, such as narrow walkways and corridors.The width of 750mm allows the scaffold to push through the common door;It can easily be set up on the escalator and other escalators;The use of parts is very flexible;It's...